Permaculture Education Africa

Permaculture Education Africa (PEA) is an organisation that offers a wide range of services supporting the spreading and development of permaculture systems in Southern Africa. We are a small highly skilled team of long-term permaculture practitioners with over 20 years of experience in a vast range of permaculture applications. We utilise our skills, experience and knowledge to run high quality permaculture courses and to consult over a wide range of permaculture applications.

PEA is based at the Klein Karoo Sustainable Dryland Permaculture Project outside Ladismith in the Western Cape from where it runs its courses, and undertakes research into different permacutlure systems and design approaches. We have developed a global network of students and colleagues with whom we cooperate around the development of permaculture as the premier tool for sustainable development and are actively working towards a global vision of change and transformation.

PEA offers the following services, of which you can find more about in this website.

  • Permaculture Design Course Training
  • Permaculture Internship Programs
  • Training of Permaculture Facilitators
  • Ecovillage and Intentional Community Design Workshopping
  • Development of training materials and curriculum for a wide range of course modules across different applications
  • Consultation in Permaculture Design and Land-use sustainability assessments
  • Specialised short courses in permaculture applications that are tailor-made to suit client circumstances and needs
  • Project management and permaculture implementation support

PEA will only work on projects and with individuals who are committed to the principles and ethics of permaculture because anything less is not sustainable in the long-term.

Please follow this link to our website for more detail and information…